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Hey ~ I really suck at writing bios and stuff so i'll make this short and painful (*cough ~ painless)

Name is Miyuki ~ I like KinKi Kids & Kanjani 8
Non JE ~ For the last year ~ I have become a huge Saotome Taichi fan ~ His dancing is just so graceful and beautiful.

My LJ is semi-friend locked due to a few reason.
My old LJ had been flamed before because of opinion differences.
I now write mostly about my personal life ~ The rare concert/stage show report.
I might put up pics of my nephews and nieces and sometimes students ~ So I'm trying to cut the pedophiles and lurkers from my LJ.

I'm very happy to meet new people ~ But I would appreciate a small intro before I will consider adding you ~ Sorry seems annoying and stuff. But I've really got my reasons.