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Oct. 12th, 2012


Someone would disapprove of all my stuffed animals. HAHAHAHAHA And that's only a select few. XD

DSCF1952 DSCF1953 DSCF1954


Oct. 11th, 2012


Said I was gonna watch this after getting it but ended up doing other stuff. When will I settle down to watch "Alice no Koibito"
Mirio & Chappy 

Jun. 25th, 2012

Ditched my niece & her friend to go to Takarazuka to watch Romeo & Juliette. (Okay ~ I had this show planned way before niece's sudden Japan trip)

This is based on the French musical Roméo et Juliette: de la Haine à l'Amour. This is the first production for Masaki Ryuu as Top and Asumi Rio as Demi Top.

The one I watched yesterday was Masaki Ryuu as Romeo & Asumi Rio as Tybalt.
I'll be watching the one where Asumi Rio is Tybalt and Masaki Ryuu is Tybalt in July.

The power of music is so strong. Two weeks ago, I went to watch a play performed by Sato Takeru & Ishihara Satomi (based on the actual William Shakespeare play). I didn't cry until the very end (was a bit teary eyes in the scene where Nurse tries hard to convince to Juliet that maybe marrying Paris is best for her). 

In yesterday's show, I became a teary mess by the end of the show. XD The tears started 10 minutes into the second act. This was the scene where Nurse and Friar Lawrence were singing to Romeo after he had killed Tybalt and was told he was to be banished by Prince Escalus. And continued until the end. By the final death scene, I was a mess. At least I wasn't the only one crying. I could hear sniffles all around me.

I really enjoyed Masaki Ryuu's performance. And is looking forward to watching Mirio as Romeo (as she is one of my other faves after Kiriyan)


Random pics from the pamphlet. (phorographer by Leslie Kee)

Romeo & JulietteCollapse )


My ticket for Edward VIII came!!! Can't wait for this Sunday to go watch it. 

I might end up crying cause it's the last Takarazuka production for Kiriyan and Aono Yuki

So many people are feeling that the shut down of MU equals the end of the internet world as we speak. People it's not the end of the world nor is it the end of the fandom world.

Remember back in 2001 when this "little" P2P program called Napster got shut down? We all thought it was the end. But look how many other P2Ps, torrents, file sharing sites popped up.

Personally I think the US government is more or less fighting a never ending war. Because when they shut down one site, ten more will appear.

Don't get me wrong, I relied on MU for my Johnnys' stuff when I lived in Canada. Yes I admit I knew what I was doing was illegal. But back than I was credit card less, and do you have any idea how expensive it is to ship a DVD from Japan to Canada? (Plus those outrageous customs' taxes???!!!!)

But at the same time, I still bought about 90% of the stuff I downloaded because I wanted to support the artists I liked. (Either bought with friends or begged parents to let me use their CC) Being cheap, I opted not to use express delivery, but I was impatient to wait 3 weeks for my DVD so I downloaded it first to watch.

Of course I understand the frustrations of those with paid accounts with MU. You may never get that money back.

But attacking federal websites is not going to help anything. It'll just make things worse.

At the same time:

Dear USA governement,

Maybe you can consider dealing with poverty, health care, gun problems etc etc (in your OWN country) before you decide you want to be a World Police (which you already think you do) and tackle something like piracy.

Today marks the 17th Anniversary of the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake that killed more than 6,000 people with approx 4,000 people from the city of Kobe.

Although after the 3.11 Tohoku Earthquake it may not seem as big, back than it was one of Japan's worst Earthquake since the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake.

Today's school lunch consisted of food that was eaten during that time. (I heard all schools in this Hanshin/Awaji area are fed this today)

It included:

非常用炊き込みご飯: Rice for emergency use = instant rice = just add hot water
ミンチカツ: Beef cutlet
バナナ: Banana
乾パン: Dried bread
たくあん: Takuan (Pickled white radish)
牛乳: Milk

Gonna drown my sorrows for not getting Romeo & Juliet tickets and go watch Edward VIII T_T

What sucks even more is that I hit for my friends but didn't hit for myself >.<

Actually instead of Edward VIII I should go watch Endless SHOCK again. I mean I have to wait until April until my next show O_o

Jan. 9th, 2012


I just flailed at kipani_mariko but I need to do this again!!! 


I just saw MA & 4U at the restaurant we were in.

Seriously ~ What are the odds? Of all the restaurants near Hakata-za. 

Was leaving after dinner, when I walked by a table of 6 guys where 3 of them looked so familiar. (I had to double look) That's when I realized, the one furthest was Tatsumi. Than I looked beside him, it was Yone and right beside him I think was Fuku.

Tatsumi looked back at me, because I kinda stopped right in front of their table ~ And I think he probably saw my Endless SHOCK bag sticking out. He did kind of smile back.  

But seriously, I just saw them perform on stage not less than 3 hours ago, and here I was leaving a restaurant and they were there.

Tatsumi who I usually see as the "cute" one was in fact very otokomae with his hair pushed back with a hat and no makeup. Yone stood out of course but WOW!!!!!!